Aylmer snubs library at Complex idea

In a four to three recorded vote, Aylmer councillors at their Feb. 3 meeting approved receiving and filing a request from Malahide council to consider looking into locating a new library at East Elgin Community Complex.

Receiving and filing correspondence amounts to a municipal council not taking any action on the matter.

Mayor Jack Couckuyt, Deputy Mayor Gerry Richer and Councillors Arthur Oslach and Judi Wright voted in favour of the resolution while Councillors Pete Barbour, David LaPointe and John Vandermeersch voted against it.

At their Jan. 9 meeting, Malahide councillors unanimously voted to forward correspondence from Cr. Mark Widner regarding using hall space at the Complex for the new Aylmer library and that town council receive it for review and consideration.

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