Complex report to be split into public, secret sections

Malahide councillors probed Thursday, March 13, without success in hopes of learning about at least some of the findings in a consultant’s review of East Elgin Community Complex operations.

While Mayor David Mennill admitted he, Aylmer Mayor Jack Couckuyt and the administrators from both municipalities had read the review, he wouldn’t spill the beans.

Malahide Administrator Michelle Casavecchia did say that the report was over 100 pages long and was “substantial,” and that it was being split into public and secret portions before being presented to a joint Aylmer-Malahide liaison committee meeting at the Complex Thursday, March 27, at 7 p.m.


  • Bob Warnock

    The Public at large, who has paid for this Complex Report, deserves to know all of the pertinent facts and recommendations delineated within it. The Report now is four months overdue and has been delayed long enough it seems to allow the latest budget with a $600,000 deficit to go forth. Will this be more of “for our eyes only?”