Residents warned to stay away from gas leak

Bayham residents continued to be warned to stay away from a natural gas well leak northwest of Port Burwell while a contractor continued to work at the site.

The Bayham Municipal Control Group met with representatives of community agencies on Thursday, March 6 to review the gas leak issue.

Ministry of Natural Resources officials confirmed the contractor had equipment operating at the site and the work to find the exact location of the leak and eventually plug and cap the well was proceeding.

The “rotten eggs” odour would increase and become worse during the work.

Potentially dangerous hydrogen sulphide gas had been detected near the leak on a private property on Orchard Line in mid-February.

Orchard Line remained closed to traffic and the site was cordoned off with fencing and signage.

The well site was considered hazardous and although there was no immediate danger to local residents, the public was warned to stay away from the area.

A state of emergency would remain in place until further notice.

Anyone with air quality, water or health concerns was asked to contact Elgin St. Thomas Public Health.

For non-health related concerns, the public was asked to call the Bayham municipal office.