Recommendation to suspend 2015 summer ice, hall rentals at EECC

Aylmer-Malahide liaison committee members Friday, May 9, unanimously recommended their respective councils put a hold on signing further contracts for any more 2015 banquet hall bookings and summer ice rentals at East Elgin Community Complex, while the future of the facility is decided.

They also unanimously suggested that the councils approve seeking a consultant to prepare a business plan to implement changes proposed in a review of EECC operations by LeisurePlan International.

Malahide councillors had earlier sent a resolution to the liaison body, suggesting LeisurePlan be given a chance to bid on the business plan before deciding whether to seek further price quotes. But Aylmer Administrator Jenny Reynaert said the town’s policies required issuing an open request for proposals for such a project.

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  1. Bill macintyre on May 12, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    Why would the governance at the EECC be changed now

    This is something that needs to addressed in the business
    Plan along with the other issues
    Let’s leave governance as is until then.

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