Shelters for Nepalese earthquake victims

Aylmer Rotary Club hopes to dispatch three to five “ShelterBoxes” overseas to provide victims of a devastating earthquake in Nepal with a temporary home.

The boxes contain a six to eight person tent, a stove that can use many types of fuel, blankets, water purification kits, tools, cooking utensils and, to distract traumatized youngsters, a variety of children’s activities.

Aylmer Rotary President Bob Warnock said the waterproof boxes containing the supplies, and the supplies themselves, were all sturdily made, so they could be airdropped to remote areas. They cost $1,200 each to sponsor, and donations in any amount are welcome.

Anyone wishing to do so can contact Mr. Warnock at or his office at 220 Talbot St. E. in Aylmer.

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  1. Bob Warnock on April 27, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    ShelterBox. Just to clarify, any and all donations are appreciated and once we raise the first $1200 we can send out the first ShelterBox. We do not expect individuals to sponsor the complete cost of a ShelterBox. Thankyou. Bob

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