Public can have say on Complex budget May 27

The draft 2015 budget for East Elgin Community Complex will be the subject of a public meeting at the facility on Wednesday, May 27 starting at 7 p.m.

The meeting will likely be in Imperial Room C on the ground floor but that detail had to be confirmed by Complex staff following the Tuesday, May 5 Ad Hoc Committee meeting.

The projected 2015 Complex deficit is about $40,000 less than what it was in 2014.

According to the audited financial statements presented earlier during the same meeting, the 2014 deficit at the Complex was $588,802, a little less than the expected and budgeted deficit of $595,964 but up from the 2013 deficit of $530,102.

The co-owners of the facility, Aylmer and Malahide property owners, have to pay an equal share of the accumulated deficit at the Complex each year, that figure being $294,401 each for 2014.

The Complex Ad Hoc Committee, which is made up of only two voting members (Mayor Mennill and Aylmer Mayor Greg Currie), approved the draft budget after a two and a half hour presentation highlighting and explaining details of the document by General Manager Theresa Klachan.

The Complex draft budget will be sent to both Aylmer and Malahide councillors for their consideration after the public meeting.

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