Getting pie-d for a good cause

Malahide Mayor DavePie in face Mennill, left, received a whipped cream “pie” in the face by Councillor Mark Widner at the end of Camp Day at the west end Tim Hortons on the outskirts of Aylmer on Wednesday afternoon, June 3. Also getting “pie-d” that day to raise money for the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation were Malahide Deputy Mayor Mike Wolfe (obscured behind Mayor Mennill) and Aylmer Police Chief Andre Reymer. Those who were about to get their own pies to the face included Aylmer Mayor Greg Currie and Aylmer Deputy Mayor Mary French along with west end Tim Hortons manager Marjorie Derbyshire and her staff member Amber Mansell. Mrs. Derbyshire, who raised $240 on her own that day before getting her pie to the face,  said a final tally had yet to be done on how much money was raised during Camp Day at her location.

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