Horse show well attended at the fair

Charlie Bond of West LorFair horse showne rode Jack Frost through the open trail class course in the show ring during the Aylmer Fair Horse Show on Sunday morning, Aug. 9. Over 50 riders and their horses were expected to participate in the show that day. While clouds and some short rain showers on Saturday threatened to put a damper on attendance, Fair Board President Scott Lewis said that wasn’t the case with brisk advance ticket sales for that day and the entire weekend.

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  1. Katie Bond on August 24, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    Is this really the only picture that the photograph got all day. This is a horrible picture of the horse. Did the photograph not think that maybe horses don’t normally go this way? I’m hoping that horse people and non horse pople know that no pain was caused to this horse it was just bad timing for a photo right when the horse flipped his head.

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