Full house for farm debate

A standing room only audiEFA debateence attended the Elgin and Middlesex Federations of Agriculture all-candidates’ debate for the Oct. 19 federal election at Belmont Arena and Community Centre on Wednesday night, Sept. 23. Five of the six candidates running in the riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London were able to attend: Conservative Karen Vecchio, New Democrat Fred Sinclair, Bronagh Morgan of the Green Party, Michael Hopkins of the Christian Heritage Party and Liberal Lori Baldwin-Sands. Questions from the crowd were almost all agriculture and rural-related ranging from their parties’ level of support of business risk management programs, infrastructure funding for rural municipalities, their position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and support for supply management, neonicotinoids and bee health versus cash crop pest management, migrant workers, environmental issues and what their parties would do to curb urban sprawl and protect prime agriculture land. The final question of the evening had the crowd and the candidates leaving in a lighter mood: name three pieces of farm equipment.

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  1. Bronagh Morgan on September 26, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    It was an absolute pleasure to speak to and learn from the great group assembled for the AG debate last Weenesday. Thank you so much to the organizers and to the audience!

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