Care2Cycle takes off from ICS

Care2CycleGrade 3 pupil Elizabeth Voth, 8, rode along the Rabbit Rodeo bicycle training course which was part of the fun of the fourth annual Care2Cycle fundraising event that started at Immanuel Christian School (ICS) in Aylmer on Saturday morning, Sept. 30. In addition to the Rabbit Rodeo for children ages 4-8, the event included a five kilometre walk and three cycling routes through rural areas surrounding Aylmer of 10 km, 20 km and 50 km. The event raised money for ICS’s School Fund which helps pay for the sponsorship of a Compassion Canada Child, a school age girl named Helen who lives in El Salvador, along with field trips and a breakfast program. ICS also partnered with Grace Community Church of Aylmer who were raising money for Christian work in South Sudan.