Almost $17,000 for breast cancer care

CalfauctionThe calf Walkerfarms Brody Bugs 2078 (Bugs for short) was the first animal auctioned off at Walker Dairy Sales of Summers Corners shortly after noon on Friday, Nov. 24 with all proceeds going towards St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. The money was earmarked for the London hospital’s breast care program and imaging research there. Bugs was up for live auction and winning bidders re-donated her eight times so she could be sold as many times as possible to raise more money for the breast cancer program. A grand total of $16,800 was raised: $7,500 during the live auction, $1,050 for the final buying bid by Futurecrest Holsteins (also owned by the Walker family) and 28 “absentee bids” (donations) of $8,250. Pictured working the auction were Clint Walker (a grandson), Ken Empey, Brent Howe and Jon Walker Jr. (son). Walker Dairy Sales held their 55th anniversary sale that afternoon and John Walker Sr. and his family donated their fanciest calf on the farm for the fundraising effort. The Walkers were inspired by one of their employees, Sandy Walters, a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed two years ago that week through a routine annual mammogram. She received weekly cancer care treatments for a year and is now “100 percent healthy” Mr. Howe said. The auction proceeds were going to a program that anyone in the region has access to. Breast cancer had also affected other family and friends known by the Walkers so the auction wasn’t all about just Ms. Walters who served as a starting point, Mr. Howe said. About 100 people attended the auction including several prominent local dairy farmers. Some farm operations and suppliers that couldn’t attend the auction sent in their absentee bids that were read out before the live bidding started. “I feel so blessed,” Ms. Walters said. Walker Dairy Sales holds an auction every month on the fourth Friday. Mr. Walker Sr. said his family hasn’t missed a month for their auction in their entire 56 years in business.

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