Going medieval on Family Day

MedievalDay2James Provoost, 8, who lives near Copenhagen, played with a miniature wooden catapult during Medieval Day held at Elgin County Heritage Centre south of St. Thomas on the afternoon of Family Day, Monday, February 19. James Provoost is the grandson of retired Springfield and Belmont librarian Maria Smit. The Once Upon A Time exhibit from the Bruce County Museum, which runs until April 28, was opened up to the public for the holiday. Attractions included several models of medieval items from the 1300s to the 1500s. Those attending could meet experts in the fields of medieval warfare, brass rubbings and book making. Pieces of armour were available to be tried on and visitors could learn how they were made or try making a section of chain mail. Members of the Essex Medieval Heritage Society were on hand with display or reproduction armour and an illuminated page was on display on loan from Western University with expert Jennifer Robertson speaking to how it was made. (AE/Craig Bradford)