Amalgamation for Aylmer, Malahide?

In an unexpected development, Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill has dusted off the long rejected idea of amalgamating his township with Aylmer.

In bombshell fashion at the annual Mayor’s Breakfast hosted by the Aylmer and Area Chamber of Commerce at Saxonia Hall on Wednesday morning, Feb. 7, Mayor Mennill in the middle of his remarks asked the audience members, a strong turnout of over 70, what they thought about a merger between Malahide and Aylmer.

As the question period and meeting was winding down, Mayor Mennill said it took him several days to make up his mind whether or not he was in favour of looking at amalgamating Malahide and Aylmer.

He asked for a show of hands for those in attendance who felt positive towards a municipal merger and the majority raised their hands.

When he asked who viewed a merger negatively, no one raised their hands.

And finally, when Mayor Mennill asked who were on the unknown end, a few people raised their hands.