Integrity commissioner urges reprimand for Cr. Dan McNeil

Central Elgin Integrity Commissioner Mark McDonald is recommending Councillor Dan McNeil be reprimanded and lose 30 days of pay after swearing at David Harding of Sparta during a public open house Jan. 16 on the municipality’s proposed new sign bylaw.

Mr. McDonald said Cr. McNeil both admitted to the violation of council’s code of conduct, and that he’d do the same under similar circumstances in future, which the commissioner found especially troubling.

Mr. Harding had told Cr. McNeil, “Dan, you know I still don’t trust you.”

Cr. McNeil responded with, “F— off” and raised his middle finger, Mr. McDonald wrote in his report.

Cr McNeil’s fellow councillors will consider the proposed penalties at a meeting Monday, Feb. 26, at 7:30 p.m.

A report on the results will be in the Feb. 28 Express.

  • Kyle Cronk

    This is a disgrace… it will be very interesting to see if the rest of the Council has the integrity to follow through. Its the second time he and the Mayor David Marr have Bullied the public, in less then a year, with no remorse. They refused to apologize last time too.
    Thank God its an election year.

  • Herbert Hildebrandt

    Dan McNeil should resign immediately as he is an uncouth disgrace to his office. Unbelievable!

  • Bob nesbitt

    Time to replace the old guard and get some new mayors in county council

  • John Vandermeersch

    Perhaps the biggest issue here is not what Dan McNiel said or did but rather the misuse of the word integrity. In my opinion, we don’t need an “Integrity Commissioner”. Were I back on town council I would vote to have the use of one quashed.

    Here is a very good article on the meaning of integrity – not quite what we all think it is.

  • I’ll stick with the Oxford dictionary definition of “integrity”, rather than a journalist’s re-defining the meaning to suit their agenda.

    1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

    2. The state of being whole and undivided.

    3. The condition of being unified or sound in construction.