Health unit: vaccination errors at Straffordville Public, Assumption Separate pose no risk

Elgin St. Thomas Public Health officials are trying to determine what Grade 7 pupils at Straffordville Public School and Assumption Catholic School in Aylmer might have received an extra vaccination, and what pupils might have been missed.

No one’s health was at risk as a result, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Joyce Lock stressed.

She said the vaccinations for 11 pupils in Straffordville and four at Assumption were being examined. Grade 7 pupils at both schools received vaccinations for human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B on Tuesday, April 10, and Wednesday, April 11.

A review of records after that indicated one child at each school might have inadvertently received a second HPV shot, and one at each might have missed a Hepatitis B shot, she said.

Parents of all 15 children had been contacted by the health unit, she said, as the investigation continued.