Cottagers warned off from Elgin

Southwestern Public Health’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Joyce Lock is telling cottagers and other seasonal visitors that the province easing some COVID-19 pandemic precautions “does not mean an immediate return to normal activities.”

In a statement posted on Central Elgin’s website, she said, “This includes visits to secondary residences, such as cottages, beach houses, income properties and any residence where you do not permanently reside.”

She explained that essential services such as grocery stores and pharmacies were stocked based on the permanent population of a community.

In addition, a visitor who became ill put on emergency burden on health resources intended for local residents, she stated. “I urge you to remain in your home where you primarily reside.”

She added that she understood some “very limited and essential reasons” existed to visit a secondary residence, including emergency maintenance and repair.

She suggested consulting guidelines on travel to cottages and secondary residences before making such a visit.