“Freedom Rally” attracts hundreds; “No one who’s healthy wears a mask” their cry

Hundreds attended a “Freedom Rally” in Aylmer on  Saturday afternoon, Oct. 24, describing COVID-19 precautions as fear tactics being used by all levels of government to oppress Canadians. “No one who’s healthy wears a face mask,” they chanted as they paraded through the downtown area, while a few passers-by yelled back, “Get vaccinnated” or “It’s just a piece of cloth.” More coverage in the Oct. 28 edition of The Aylmer Express. (AE/photo by Rob Perry)

  • Philip Pennings

    You people are idiots.

    • Kurt Giesbrecht

      Who do you mean?

      • aylmerontario

        He means these antimaskers are idiots.

        • Kurt Giesbrecht

          Then he is stupid, cuz a mask won’t stop the virus

        • AE Web Admin

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    • Troller

      Your the idiot

      • Mr Crabs

        You’re* the idiot it seems

        • Troller

          Hold still. I’m trying to imagine you with personality.

        • Troller

          Hey, do the population and continue to hide, even when this pandemic is over.

  • Barbara Joan Johnson

    Praise the Lord!

    • Graeme Gunn

      What does that have to do with anything?

  • Jim Cressman

    Aylmer’s CHURCH OF GOD isn’t helping but don’t criticize that man of god or he calls the police and claims harrassment

  • Graeme Gunn

    But you can’t self-diagnose!

  • Helen Duniec

    What is wrong with these people? How could they possibly expose themselves and their children. How heartless and reckless. Its people like this that when infected (I didn’t say if) will put other people in danger. I’m sick and tired of these ignorant individuals who spew out this rubbish.

    • Troller

      Helen – maybe you should just shut up and hide. It’s a free country, which meens we live in a “democracy”, idiot. If you don’t like it, move, go live in China.

  • Kindael Fraser

    Great..see you all today at our childrens schools..you antimaskers are selfish pieces of crap.

    • Troller

      Please do us a favour and continue to hide even when the pandemic is over.

  • Jason Jowan

    I pray that the world’s drugged, hypnotized, programmed people will wake up to the reality that secret society sunworshippers are leading the masses like sheep. amazingdiscoveries.org . Corona is just the beginning…

  • Troller

    The virus is mild for most, deadly for few, devastating for the economy. Protect the old and vulnerable. Let us healthy young vibrant folks work.

  • Troller

    Instead of the hysteria focusing on new case numbers, we should aim our focus on what really matters: number of new cases in vulnerable populations (especially those over the age of 70), number of hospitalizations, number of people in intensive care units (ICUs) and number of deaths.

  • Troller

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

  • Ritchie

    The headline had a spelling error- it should have read “Freedumb Rally”

  • Manon Robillard

    Simple, we do not get to make our own rules regardless if we agree or not. The authorities are mandating to wear a mask to protect others, just wear the mask… it’s really not a big deal… and you may save a life. This is what living in a society is about. I am really hoping that all that do not follow the law will be issued hefty fines as they are putting all of us at risk. Leaders of churches (and any leader actually) have the responsibility to lead by example so I find it very concerning that such leader encourages his people to such behaviour! Pls people, lets all keep safe. It is difficult for everyone but we must do this together to get through this as soon as possible so that we can resume to our normal life!

    • Kurt Giesbrecht

      How will the mask stop the virus , it’s in the air and air can go through the mask ,