More charges from Sunday Church of God service

Aylmer Police announced early Tuesday, Dec. 29, that additional charges had been laid in connection with a drive-in service at the Church of God on John Street North on Sunday, Dec. 27, including obstructing a peace officer and intimidation of a justice participant, specifically a police officer.

The charges were laid against a Malahide man, 37, who police did not identify by name.

(At the Sunday service, Herbert Hildebrandt, 37, of Malahide, son of Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, had been charged by summons with organizing an event that broke Ontario pandemic restrictions by having more than 10 persons outside of vehicles at the outdoor drive-in service.)

Inspector Nick Novacich said after the ticket was issued Sunday, several participants in the event surrounded a police vehicle with an officer inside and prevented him from leaving. They desisted only after another police officer arrived at the scene.

Video recordings from the scene had been examined by police, Insp. Novacich stated, leading to the additional charges.

The 37-year-old came to the police station on Monday, Dec. 28, where he was arrested and charged. He was released on a promise to appear in court in January.

Two other males were identified from the video, Insp. Novacich stated, one from North York, 33, and one from Toronto, 25.

Warrants have been issued for their arrest.


  • John Davidson

    This is not a start of a discussion. Just a statement that it is about bloody time someone takes these cultists to task. Today there was an oversized trailer or motorhome parked on the main street and took up more than a parking space. Were they also charged?