Vaccination clinics to be offered in schools

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce, in an announcement Wednesday, Jan. 12, said that with children back in classes starting Monday, Jan. 17, vaccination clinics would be offered in schools to make immunizations as accessible to as many as possible.

“We believe so strongly that children belong in school,” and the clinics would help that to continue, he stated. Vaccination remained “the best defence in the fight against COVID-19.”

At the time of the announcement, 82 percent of youths 12 through 17 were fully immunized with two doses of vaccine, and 50 percent of children 5 through 12.

The school vaccination clinics would also be open to staff members, and childcare workers would be provided with priority access for their third doses, Minister Lecce said.

He stressed that vaccinations would only be administered to children during school with parental permission.

Look for the full story in the. Jan. 19 Aylmer Express.

  • Drake Larsen

    Experimenting on children is disgusting. The science is piling up: children bear near zero risk from covid and huge risks from this injection. This paper below lays out the numbers and concludes: “risks of vaccines and boosters outweigh the benefits in children and young adults”. Kids have long lives ahead and we are hanging a huge monkey on their backs; lifelong vaccine injuries will be the legacy of this pandemic long after the primary sickness is past and forgotten.