Early flood warning issued

Officials with Catfish Creek Conservation Authority and Kettle Creek Conservation Authority both issued separate early warnings on Friday, Jan. 10 about the potential for high water and flooding in their watersheds.

The warmer temperatures forecast that day and the next day along with expected rain and melting snow could raise the water levels in the two creeks and their tributaries along with other open channels and water bodies.

CCCA Water Management Technician Peter Dragunas urged the public to exercise caution near bodies of water and to keep children and pets away from all waterways during high flow conditions.

KCCA staff reminded residents in their watershed to keep away from high, fast flowing water and that stream banks can be unstable and slippery.

KCCA staff also advised ice conditions were not suitable for skating, ice fishing or other recreational activities.

Both warnings were to be in effect until Monday, Jan. 13.