OPP accused of racial profiling

A complaint filed over the Elgin County Ontario Provincial Police collecting DNA evidence from migrant workers during a sexual assault investigation last fall has resulted is being scrutinized by the Office of Independent Police Review Director.

Justice for Migrant Workers filed a formal complaint with the OIPRD on Dec. 12.

Elgin OPP officers and the West Region Crime Unit obtained DNA from about 100 Caribbean migrant workers in the Vienna and Tillsonburg areas during an investigation of an Oct. 19 sexual assault against a Bayham woman.

The complaint claimed the OPP targeted the workers solely on the colour of their skin.

  • Lawrence Gillis

    Why is this even news? Are police not allowed to do there job? If your in Canada no matter what color your skin or what race you are. You are under Federal and Provincial Law of Canada and Ontario, (or what ever province you may be in). I really don’t understand why the courts would even look at this? Maybe as a Media Reporter you could explain to me why this is news? Also why the victim’s rights are not being taken care of here? I’m sure this defense could be used in any case if they allow this in the courts! Example If i drive a red sports car and get pulled over all the time because i may or may not have been speeding. Then that could also be profiling? I feel sorry for the victim’s of crime it’s like there is no rights left for them to protect them from justice.

  • John Longfellow

    Okay, we have a report by the victim that a black male with a island accent attacked her, dragged her into her home and sexually assaulted her. Down the road we have migrant workers, who are black with island accents.
    The OPP date “voluntary” DNA samples from the works, some of which did refuse. Guess what they got a DNA match to one of the workers.
    I agree Lawrence, the rights of the victim (who was violently attacked) are completely disregarded because some special interest group decided to chant racial profiling. Here is what I have to say to Justice for Migrant Workers, IT WORKED!!!!
    Give it a rest. I am tired of innocent people’s rights being trampled on to protect the guilty.