Ice breaking starts in Port Bruce

Dave Reimer of ErIce breakingie Draglines started breaking the ice near the mouth of Catfish Creek in Port Bruce on Tuesday afternoon, March 10. The drag line had been left in Port Bruce by the company in the days leading up to the ice breaking which was being done as a preventative measure before the spring thaw. The hope was that by breaking up the ice from just north of the steel wall and then south all the way out to the end of the creek that it would help move the flow of ice out into Lake Erie and avoid flooding in the village.

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  1. Mark Piper on May 24, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Hi Aylmer and Express folks.
    My name is Mark Piper. I’m a former Springfield resident / EESS Student who has recently published a novel.
    Would certainly appreciate any coverage that you could provide to a former resident / indie author.
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    -For Immediate Release- June, 2017

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    The Mouse Who Poked an Elephant (Tellwell Publishing) “is certainly not all about President Trump,” the author jokes. “But whenever I criticize impulsive buffoons with nuclear codes, a fallout shelter seems like a good idea.”
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    “The book offers some realistic suggestions to improve on our own broken political systems, the tragic environmental legacy of the Baby Boomers, and our insatiable (read unsustainable) appetite for …stuff,” explains the author. ” If you hate change, if you would start a war or rape the planet for profit, and if you really admire Donald Trump, please don’t read this book…but I think the rest of you will enjoy it.”
    ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Mark served for more than 33 years as a member of the Canadian Forces. He is currently co-owner and operator of a large green Burrito Bus. Mark and his wife, Elaine, live in Dartmouth and Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia. More info:
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