Many businesses to re-open on Tuesday, May 19, marinas, campgrounds and golf courses this Saturday-updated

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that private parks, marinas and golf courses could re-open for business on Saturday, May 16, as long as strict distancing requirements continued to be met.

Campgrounds can re-open to prepare for the coming season Saturday, but access is limited to campers with full-season rentals for now.

He also said that, as of Tuesday, May 19, all retail businesses with street entrances that are not in shopping malls would be able to do the same, as well as some seasonal recreational venues, including tennis courts and off-leash dog parks.

Veterinarians and animal shelters could also re-open, and household services including maintenance and cleaning could resume.

Dog groomers could also go back to work, but in their case by appointment only.

Scheduled elective surgeries and in-person counselling could also re-start, he said, and all construction could resume.

“Businesses should open only if they’re ready,” he stressed, and the Ontario government would be watching for any sudden increases in the numbers of COVID-19 cases being reported. “We must watch the trends like a hawk.”