Charge laid over Church of God service Sunday, Dec. 27

A Malahide man, 37, was charged with organizing an event that exceeded provincial pandemic restrictions banning more than 10 persons gathering outdoors, during a Sunday drive-in service at Aylmer Church of God on Sunday, Dec. 27.

The man was not identified by name, but an Express photographer on site at the time saw Herbert Hildebrandt receiving a ticket from police. He is the son of church Pastor Henry Hildebrandt. The picture is of Herbert getting the ticket.

The constable who handed the ticket to Mr. Hildebrandt returned to his nearby cruiser. Moments later, Mr. Hildebrandt ordered a group of men standing at the end of the church driveway “Don’t let him leave.” The men surrounded the constable’s cruiser, with the officer inside, and shouted at him.

A church videographer stood at the passenger window, pointing a video camera at the officer, while another man shouted, asking his name and address. Mr. Hildebrandt replied with the officer’s name. “Where do your kids go to sleep?” shouted the unknown man. Others stood behind the vehicle so it couldn’t leave.

“This is what a coward looks like,” said Mr. Hildebrandt.

Another officer arrived and cleared the men, while Mr. Hildebrandt added, “Let him go.”

Aylmer Police Inspector Nick Novacich said police received several complaints from the public about the drive-in service, because of individuals who were outside of vehicles.

Drive-in services are allowed in Ontario’s current “lockdown” pandemic restrictions, but the number of celebrants outside of vehicles are not to exceed 10.

Officers found more than 10 out of their vehicles and issued a summons to the Malahide man as the alleged organizer.

Insp. Novacich said a summons would also be issued to the church itself.

Officers found numerous vehicles parked along John Street North outside the church, the occupants peacefully protesting in support of the wearing of face masks, which church members have opposed.

Due to safety concerns and road congestion, Insp. Novacich said, the drivers of 15 to 20 vehicles were told to leave the scene, and they did so.

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    • s wilson

      the police officer actually violated a law and admitted it. and STILL gave the ticket. What kind of person is that? Now we have police breaking the law, realizing they broke it and still handing a ticket out. This is where we are in the world today. sad

      • griff2

        The cop handed out the ticket to Hildebrandt at roadside, far away from any “service” and by doing so did not interrupt the service. The cop did so quietly and politely, and in doing so did not interrupt or otherwise disrupt any “service”. Hildebrandt’s thug supporters, in contrast, did all of the yelling and in doing may have in fact acted in a way that may have disrupted the service.

        In doing so, they and Hildebrandt who is on video encouraging them to do so, interfered with a cop doing his job. Fortunately there is plenty of video, some by real media, some by Hildebrandt’s thug supporters, available to provide documentation every minute of it.

        And as good fortune would have it, that video documentation is available to serve as evidence for use in prosecuting additional charges against Herbert Hildebrandt (and two others from the Toronto area) for obstructing police and intimidating police.

        Hildebrandt’s is now awaiting trial for his previous outstanding criminal assault charge, plus these two new criminal charges. Add in a variety of additional charges for violating provincial covid restrictions, and with any luck Hildebrandt will see jail time. I can only hope that his release conditions pending trial on these latest charges includes a strict prohibition against being part of any further anti-mask, anti-lockdown, or criminal behaviour.

  • Liz

    This church group believes that they are Martyrs. I don’t think they know the difference between being a martyr or being a bully. They bully the people in the church physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They have dominated everyone in church, now they are brazenly attempting to do so with anyone outside of the church.

    • s wilson

      your nuts. Thats not true at all . All those people go there to pray and have their hope and belief in God. its obvious you dont know what your talking about. There are no martyrs. Or bullies. ITs not about money or anything else…JUST GOD. scary huh?

      • Archibald-XXIII

        Actually yes, you are all very scary haha. Anyone who believes fiction is scary to me.

  • RSmith444

    The Aylmer police are a bunch of bullies and cowards arresting people worshipping.
    Where were they hiding during the Aylmer Covid protests a few weeks ago?

    • griff2

      Bullies? The only bullies I see in recent video are Hildebrandt and his thugs attempting to bully the police and reputable media doing their jobs on a public road allowance well away from the church building itself. And now Hildebrandt and two (so far) of his thugs are now enjoying criminal charges arising out of that bullying for obstruct police and intimidate police. Hallelujah! Prayers are answered!

  • s wilson

    yes, its a coward who follows his “job” and cant see how his “job” is hurting citizens and praying is not in the constitution as any crime. The Crime is what the police officer DID actually!!!

    • Archibald-XXIII

      Praying should be a crime because it creates empty headed, delusional folks like yourself.