Trees to be razed to make way for Clarence roadwork

About 10 trees along Clarence Street in Aylmer, marked by painted orange “X”s, will be removed as part of the upcoming road reconstruction project.

“This is not an uncommon occurrence with this type of a construction project, with municipal servicing requirements and a modest expansion of the road way necessitating the removal of the trees,” said Town Clerk Josh Brick in an email.

The largest tree measures approximately 382 centimetres in circumference, with the marked trees ranging in age, size and distance from the road.

Aylmer council recently awarded the Clarence Street Reconstruction Project to St. Thomas-based Elgin Construction Company Ltd. for $1,495,594. The work is expected to be completed by September.

The developer is required to follow relevant town policies and protocols related to tree replacement and removal, said Mr. Brick.

“More specifically, this ensures that after the removal of those trees there will be an overall net gain of trees in Town after the developer, who is responsible for replacement, finishes the project and plants new trees,” he said.