Canadian Army training on area roads

-Public Service Announcement-

(Photo credit: Corporal Dominic Ouellet.)

May 26, 2022 – London, Ont. – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

From May 27-29, 2022, Canadian Army Reserve personnel from 31 Service Battalion, London Support Company will conduct driver and convoy operations training between London and Simcoe, Ontario. Activities will include Administrative Convoy training on a planned, return highway route transiting London, St. Thomas, Aylmer, Delhi, Waterford, Scotland, and Simcoe.

This is regular, scheduled training that keeps our Combat Service Support personnel and units ready to respond to missions in Canada — like floods and wildfires — and in support of international stability operations.

Participating personnel will remain within their vehicles, as dismounted drills are not planned, except for maintenance purposes.

Members of the public may see military vehicles on the following major roads and highways: Oxford St, Highbury Ave, Highway 3, Highway 46, and Highway 24.

This important training is being conducted in order to keep local Canadian Army Reserve members’ skills current on convoy drills, unit discipline and on the safe and effective operation of specific vehicle platforms.

All of the soldiers participating will be practicing enhanced Force Health Protection Measures based on, and in addition to Public Health guidelines.

All measures are being taken to ensure minimum inconvenience in these areas during the exercise dates. Members of the public are asked to take extra caution when approaching military vehicles, and are thanked in advance for their understanding and co-operation.