Aylmer medical marijuana plant near approval

The developers of a medical marijuana growing operation have taken possession of 250 Elm Street in Aylmer and are awaiting the approval of their cultivation license by Health Canada.

WeedMD Rx Inc. Chief Executive Officer Bruce Scully said the start up of the project is a $3-million investment and when operational will employ 15 workers to begin with which could increase to about 100 over the next three years.

A Health Canada inspection of the former Imperial Tobacco warehouse was scheduled for Feb. 26 after which Mr. Scully hoped to have approval for a cultivation license in a matter of days.

The pre-approval license allows WeedMD Rx to produce 2,500 kilograms of medical marijuana a year in a 25,000 square foot plant to start.

Mr. Scully hoped to increase that amount to 10,000 kg of marijuana annually if successful in expanding the plant to 100,000 square feet over the next few years.