Complex review: no summer ice, no community hall rentals

An operational review of East Elgin Community Complex is finally in, and it recommends two major changes: eliminating summer ice; and leasing the Imperial Hall to a tenant such as a library or museum, rather than continuing to rent it out for special events like banquets and wedding receptions.

Click here to download the full review.

An Aylmer-Malahide councils liaison committee is to review the report in a meeting at EECC Thursday night, March 27, at 7 p.m.

After that, both full councils are to hold a special secret meeting to review recommendations being kept from the public about Complex personnel.


  • Ken Vinen

    Now that most peoples thoughts have been confirmed by way of a paid professional report, it would be expected to see some fast and direct changes made.

    I wish I had the confidence to believe that it will guarantee a result from the current coincil.

  • John Longfellow

    Do not hold your breath Ken. After the report was in and the meeting to discuss the report was held I lost all confidence when the mayor didn’t agree with some of the comments may by the consultant group which was hired to study the cost saving measure for the complex. He may be able to fill the role of principle at a high school, but I question his ability to be mayor.