Terrace Lodge to be renovated but…

Elgin councillors on Tuesday , June 10, gave the nod to $4-million of planned renovations to Terrace Lodge to be completed next year—but residents will still be two to each bedroom, and four for each bathroom.

Councillors had previously been considering a complete replacement of Terrace Lodge, which sits in Malahide at the east end of Aylmer, at an estimated cost of almost $20-million. But that was sidelined last year in favour of renovations, with councillors citing financial constraints.

Engineering Services Director Clayton Watters said Tuesday that those renovations, making improvements largely to common areas, would only preserve Terrace Lodge in its provincial “Class C” status.

Elgin’s two other homes, Bobier Villa in Dutton and Elgin Manor in Southwold, have been replaced or rebuilt in recent years, and are both Class A facilities. That means residents largely enjoy private bedrooms and bathrooms.


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