Terrace Lodge reversal

Elgin County councillors unanimously reversed course on Tuesday , Sept. 9, and instead of planning limited renovations to Terrace Lodge long-term care home will turn to designing and getting a cost estimate for a completely new facility.

The change came as the result of a public hearing at Terrace Lodge, followed by a recommendation from a building committee composed of Warden David Marr, deputy mayor of Central Elgin, Malahide Mayor David Mennill and Aylmer Mayor Jack Couckuyt.

The recommendation called for MMMC Architects, which previously prepared renovation plans for Terrace Lodge, to draft a new design for a standalone new facility adjacent to the existing home.

Warden Marr said in consideration of the opinions expressed by the public, Terrace Lodge residents and employees, he believed that council’s original decision to just do renovations had to be reconsidered.


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