Neighbours: “No way” to house for developmentally-delayed young men

Malahide councillors, in deference to neighbours who oppose a rezoning to allow Arnold Groeneweg of Kingsmill to build a second home on his property so his two developmentally-delayed sons, now 17 and 18, can someday live a semblance of an independent life, have postponed their decision on the matter until December.

That postponement comes despite Community and Corporate Services Director Gene DiMeo pointing out at a public hearing on Thursday, Nov. 6, that the application met all township and provincial criteria to be accepted.

Councillors called for a delay to see if Mr. Groeneweg could find a way to accommodate the concerns of his neighbours. Though what the concerns had to do with planning wasn’t clear.

College Line neighbours complained about a house being built behind their homes, but Jane Willey of 47784 College Line said emphatically that the neighbourhood would in “no way” support the two men living on their own.


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  1. Tony Brooks on November 13, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Did you happen to interview the other neighbours about this story or did you just want to take the easy way out. Good investigation skills??
    This would be an interesting story if fully investigated but leave the neighbours names out because some people like your reporter and other less informed people might jump to conclusions without all the facts. There is not another kinder person than Jane and Rollie who both work in the same field. They know more about what they are dealing with than your “take the easy way out” reporter. Did he even read the minutes?
    Did your reporter really investigate if the kids could manage a house on their own, has a professional assessed them in that capacity or is this just a way for the parents to get around the by-laws. What is the real motive? Why should the neighbours worry about their property values and safety?
    They teach real reporters and journalists is to get all the facts and both sides of the story before they print.
    What a concept!! Maybe not in Aylmer so I will assume (like he did) your reporter did not go to school for Journalism.
    Lucky it was not me because I would sue you for defamation.

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