New exhibit opens at art centre

Art showLondon artist Larry Russell celebrated the opening of his exhibition at St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre during a reception on Saturday afternoon, Jan.10 at the St. Thomas gallery. Entitled Mind and Memory, the exhibition features almost 70 of Mr. Russell’s abstract landscape acrylic on canvas paintings he has completed in the last just over a year. The show runs until Feb. 28. The painting seen with Mr. Russell is entitled Somewhere and is the one work that most closely depicts a landscape in the Aylmer area. Mr. Russell said it reminded him of the Port Bruce area. He said the images he paints are a “synthesis of several places, or times, one day in particular, that pulls all together.” Most of the paintings in the exhibition, all of which are for sale, are in smaller format while eight are six feet by four in size including Somewhere. All of the works have a seasonal theme (spring, fall winter or summer).

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