CCCA issues “flood watch”

Catfish Creek Conservation Authority Water Management Technician Peter Dragunas issued a “flood watch” on Tuesday morning, March 17.

“This is an assessment that a significant probability exists for flooding of low-lying flood prone areas within the watershed,” he wrote in the statement.

“Due to the recent precipitation, increased snow melt, recent warming and migration of creek ice, a very high potential exists for flooding to occur in flood prone areas of the watershed,” the statement continued.

Mr. Dragunas said no flooding had occurred up to that point and he would issue a “flood warning” if it did, the next step in the Ministry of Natural Resources directive for conservation authorities.

Residents were advised to remove property from low-lying areas adjacent to streams, creeks, ditches or other open bodies of water.

They were also encouraged to use caution near open bodies of water and to keep children away from waterways.

The watch would remain in effect until further notice.

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