Central Elgin, county back move to Port Stanley PS

Central Elgin councillors on Monday night, March 23, and Elgin County councillors the next day unanimously backed the decision of Thames Valley District School Board to transfer some French-immersion pupils from overcrowded Pierre Elliot Trudeau Public School in St. Thomas to undercrowded Port Stanley Public School starting Sept. 1.

Trudeau has just under 800 pupils, both in the school building and 17 portable classrooms, with demand for more enrollment continuing to increase, Central Elgin Mayor David Marr told both councils in urging their support for TVDSB. Port Stanley currently houses just 91 pupils.

Some St. Thomas parents are objecting to the transfer.

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  1. Sally Klaver on May 19, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    I would like to say that this article has many inaccurate facts. Did the reporter/writer and editor do any research before printing this story? The principal, Colin Milligan has, for one, confirmed that no classes are being taught in the gym.
    I would respectfully request that this story is rewritten with the true facts.
    Thank you,

    Sally Klaver

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