Another public hearing on Bayham facilities review May 11

Bayham councillors are going to split up and meet with service clubs and other organizations that use municipal buildings such as community centres, before holding a special public hearing on the future of those facilities Monday, May 11, at 7 p.m.

Bayham recently conducted a review of all its buildings and found many of them wanting. The Bayham Community Centre in Straffordville has already been closed for months, and the administration building apparently needs both a new roof and restoration of its brick exterior, for example.

At a council meeting Thursday, April 16, Mayor Paul Ens pointed out Bayham, in addition to comments heard at a public information meeting that was part of the review, had subsequently received 63 pages of correspondence on the subject. He asked councillors what should be done next, and they decided to meet with the service clubs and other community organizations before inviting the public in for another hearing May 11. 

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