Complex governance will start with all elected officials

The new interim management committee for the East Elgin Community Complex will start out being comprised of all elected officials from Aylmer and Malahide.

The councillors from the municipalities that co-own the twin ice pad recreation and banquet facility came to that consensus during the second of a planned three meetings with a hired facilitator held on Tuesday evening, June 23.

Jennifer Kirkham of Mischevious Cat Productions was hired to help elected officials devise a new governance agreement for the Complex that would include a new management committee structure.

The third, and perhaps final meeting, with Ms. Kirkham will be held on Thursday, July 9, 7 p.m., within the Complex’s ground floor Imperial Hall Room C.

Councillors set a goal of Oct. 1, 2016 to hand off the governance of the Complex to a new smaller committee to be made up of councillors from each municipality and members of the public.

The elected officials gave themselves until Oct. 1 to finalize the details of the composition and terms of reference of the new smaller committee and to make important pending decisions on a number of Complex operational issues including finding an anchor tenant or tenants for ground floor hall space and the future of having summer ice rentals.

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