Flooding possible with heavy rain expected

Catfish Creek Conservation Authority issued a “flood outlook watershed conditions statement” on Friday afternoon, June 26 advising there was a “potential” for flooding in low-lying areas due to expected heavy rains over the next several days.

CCCA Water Management Technician Peter Dragunas issued the flood outlook statement at 1:45 p.m.

All of southern Ontario was forecast to receive significant precipitation over the next several days starting on Saturday, June 27.

Expected to be heavy at times, precipitation in the 20 to 40 millimetres range was anticipated, but could exceed 60 mm in some areas, specifically from London to Toronto.

Significant easterly winds were expected to develop Saturday with gusts  in the 50 to 70 kilometres per hour range with strongest winds along the Lower Great Lakes.

“This is an early assessment that there is a potential for flooding of low-lying flood prone areas along open channels within the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority watersheds,” Mr. Dragunas wrote in the statement.

“The public is encouraged to exercise extreme caution near open bodies of water, and to keep children and pets away from all waterways during adverse flow conditions,” he continued. “Residents are advised to remove property from low-lying areas adjacent to streams, creeks ditches or other open bodies of water.”

The flood outlook statement would remain in effect until Monday, June 29 or until an update is issued, Mr. Dragunas stated.

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority issued a similar flood outlook statement within 20 minutes of CCCA’s.

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