Care 2 Cycle benefits near and far

Rylee PeterCare 2 Cycles, 7, navigated the “Rabbit Rodeo” course on her bicycle in the Immanuel Christian School parking lot on Saturday morning, Oct. 3 before groups of other cyclists took off for the Care 2 Cycle rides from the Aylmer school. The event, which involved 10-kilometre, 30 km and 50 km cycling rides, raised money for Immanuel Christian School’s Compassion Child and Tuition Assistant Fund and Grace Community Church’s Syrian Refugee Sponsorship project. The 10 km family ride cycled to Springwater and back, the 30 km “leg stretcher” to Rush Creek Wines on Jamestown Line near Copenhagen and back and the 50 km “calf burner” rode to Port Bruce and back to the school. Grace Community Church is raising money to bring a family who fled the civil war in Syria to live Aylmer.

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