Taking part in the Journey

JourneyLauren Koolen, 10, left, her mom Colleen Koolen and grandmother Dianne Bartley walked their fair share of laps along the East Elgin Secondary School track during the second annual Aylmer Kinsmen 1,000 Km Journey on Saturday afternoon, June 10. Event organizer Andy Beck said less people attended this year’s Journey but was almost certain the 1,000 km goal would be reached as over half of the necessary 2,500 laps had been recorded at the half way mark of the evening. This year, the Journey raised money for the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation cancer clinic, the mental health unit there along with “the community’s greatest needs.”

  • Andrew Beck

    Thanks to everyone that joined us in our Journey to a 1000 km. We made it once again. It took everything that we had. We even had the St Johns Ambulance attendants join in.. Thanks to them. Aylmer Kinsmen