Learning about Aboriginal culture

CultureDaysKira Bilodeau, 7, of the Eden area stopped to look at a beaded child’s regalia belt, top, and a leather vest, traditional clothing that would be worn during Aboriginal ceremonial occasions, part of a Culture Days exhibit at Springfield Library on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 30. The items were made by Chippewas of the Thames First Nation artist Mitchell R. Riley. Culture Days is the largest ever Canada-wide celebration of the arts and cultural community. Springfield Library staff invited families to stop by that afternoon to enjoy the display of various Aboriginal arts and crafts provided by the Guild of Indigenous Arts founded in 2015 by artisans from the Chippewa, Muncey and Oneida First Nations of southwestern Ontario. Children could also participate in a totem pole craft while families could view photos and video taken at a recent Powwow demonstration at Malahide Community Place by the Eagle Flight Singers and Dancers of London. A popular Aboriginal snack of fresh berries was also served.

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