Assumption helps FCC with food drive

Assum&FCCdriveOn Tuesday morning, Oct. 10, the Grade 5/6 pupils of teacher Julie Tracey’s class at Assumption Catholic Elementary School volunteered to help weigh all of the non-perishable food collected during Farm Credit Canada’s Drive Away Hunger drive at the Aylmer school leading up to the Thanksgiving long holiday weekend. Logging the weigh-in results a couple of bags at a time was FCC  London staff member Carol Legge, right, while colleague Les Todd, back (with sunglasses on her head), looked on. The initial weigh-in of all of the bags came in at 418.1 pounds (189.6 kilograms) but a last second bag brought into the school added another 6.6 lbs (3 kg) for a total of 424.7 lbs (192.6 kg). After a bed of a pickup truck was loaded, FCC officials dropped off the food at Aylmer Corner Cupboard Food Bank. The food was collected by all of the classes at Assumption starting on Sept. 28. Ms. Todd said the Assumption pupils and their families collected enough food during the drive to provide over 1,000 meals for people in need in the Aylmer and East Elgin area. “They did a great job,” FCC account manager Larry Morrison said. It was the first time FCC partnered with Assumption for its annual Drive Away Hunger campaign.

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