Crash near No Frills

CrashbyNoFrillsEmergency personnel responded to what appeared to be a two-vehicle crash on the northern boundary of Aylmer at the intersection of John Street North and Progress Drive at about 1 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 11. Both vehicles, which appeared to be similar Ford sports utility vehicles, had been pulled far enough off of the travelled portion of the road to not interfere with traffic when this photo was taken. A stretcher was later retrieved from one of the two ambulances at the scene for the driver of the white Ford. Two trucks from the Aylmer fire hall and two Aylmer Police vehicles were also at the scene. From how the damaged vehicles were situated, it looked like both were travelling south and were about to drive past the stoplight controlled intersection when the crash occurred. The white Ford had damage to its rear while the black Ford had heavy damage to its front. No further information was immediately available. (AE/Craig Bradford)

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