It’s chilly but dogs still need to be walked

dogwalkingJames Starkey, left, kept his 1-year-old Husky Akilah on a close leash while his fiancee Michelle Meesters was holding onto Bronson, a 4-year-old Rottweiler, when the couple were out walking their dogs on South Street just east of John Street South in Aylmer on Sunday, Jan. 7 just past 12 noon. The couple were almost done their walk as they live just around the corner. The temperature at the time was -11 Celsius with wind chill of -20 C but no snow in the air yet. The temperature early that morning had plummeted to -24 C with a wind chill of -31 C. The temperature in Aylmer was to rise throughout Sunday with snow expected to start either in the mid-afternoon or evening continuing into Monday. (AE/Craig Bradford)

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