Three OPP officers injured in Aylmer’s north end

officershurtA 33-year-old Norfolk County man is charged with several Criminal Code offences after three Ontario Provincial Police officers were allegedly injured by him with an “edge weapon” after an altercation in Aylmer’s north end on Thursday evening, Jan. 4. Elgin County OPP Constable Adam Crewdson said officers with the Norfolk/Haldimand County Community Street Crime Unit were in the Aylmer area at 8:30 p.m. and located a “wanted party” in a business parking lot in the north end. “The male party fled on foot and then brandished an edge weapon at police,” Const. Crewdson said. During the arrest attempt, the man injured the officers with the weapon, he said. The officers were treated at the scene and then taken to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital by ambulance where they were treated and released for minor injuries. The charges laid against the man include possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and four counts of assault a peace officer with a weapon. He was held overnight for a bail hearing at in a St. Thomas court the next day. Read more about the incident in the Wednesday, Jan. 10 edition of The Aylmer Express. (AE/Brett Hueston)

  • Jeff Charlton

    don’t the officers carry guns ?

    • Robert Marlor

      They handled it without guns. I’m actually impressed no one was gunned down by the officers so this is a breath of fresh air,. Good job opp for not resorting to deadly force! The way the police should conduct they’re business.

      • Matt Couvillon

        Agreed 💯👍

    • Josh Milmine

      Whoever heard of taking a gun to a knife fight? lol. With people in a busy area like No Frills they were smart to do what they did. Take it for the team!

    • Shane McElhone

      Guns weren’t necessary.

  • Devin Bond

    you are hired!

  • Ken DeVries

    Really Cody? You wanted the police officers mortally injured?

    • aylmerontario

      Some people do not like the police until they need their help. Next time you need the police call a friend and see how that works out.

      • AE Web Admin

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  • aylmerontario

    Poice, these days, are fearful of using their handguns because the press will undoubtedly find some way to criticize this level of force. If this guy/person had an edged weapon(knife or machete) he deserved to be met with one step higher in force and that being a handgun or shotgun. The officers here showed great restraint and should be praised by the press for their actions. Were they praised? By the press? Don’t know.

    • AE Web Admin

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