Ministry orders temporary halt to truck salvage

A worker on Monday morning, March 19, swung a pickax to loosen gravel in the back of a dump truck that fell along with the Imperial Road Bridge in Port Bruce on Friday, Feb. 23. Emptying the truck of its load took the rest of Monday to complete, with the truck expected to be lifted by crane to dry land sometime Tuesday. However, the Ontario Ministry of Labour intervened Monday, and is now requiring a detailed plan for the removal of the truck itself before the project can proceed. Elgin County Warden David Marr said he expected the work to be held up at least one day.

  • Bill Borremans

    This is going to take atleast 2yrs to be back to normal. It will be an endless amount of government agencies that will have their nose in this justifing their jobs! It will be sickening to see the total end cost to this disaster.
    This could have been all removed by now by local knowledgeable companings but this would make to much sense.
    Just like many other projects that get delayed due to all this government interference!

  • Brian Bohnert

    It totally boggles my mind that the county and the contractor did not seem to realize this would have to be an engineered lift. As a year round resident of Port Bruce I am more than a little frustrated at the delays. That being said I’m glad the Ministry stepped in. The last thing we need is someone being hurt or killed because of a lack of proper preparation.