Town library addition pegged at $1.6-million

Any decision on adding new library space in Aylmer will now have to wait until May.

After some discussion during their Monday, March 19 meeting, Aylmer councillors deferred further discussion on putting an addition onto the current Old Town Hall Library until after they finish the 2018 town budget.

The library addition will come up at the Monday, May 7 council meeting.

After being directed by councillors during their March 5 meeting to investigate an addition to the south side of the current Old Town Hall Library at John Street South of approximately 5,500 square feet (511 square metres) inclusive of an atrium to connect the current library to the new addition, Administrator Jennifer Reynaert presented on Monday, a proposed project with an estimated total cost of $1,636,320 based on a construction cost of $252 a square foot.

Read the full story in the Wednesday, March 21 print edition of The Aylmer Express.

  • Bill Borremans

    I can’t beleive after years of trying to put this pink elephant project together we are still thinking this is money well spent!?
    Didn’t the town justget done the arena finance problem now jumping into another one.

    Why are the people of Aylmer not being told the real truth of why this library is so important? I thought news journalist go and try and print the truth? Why are we not looking at a past Mayor agenda to have this built and his legacy captured in Aylmer history books! This is the truth!

    Why is the Aylmer paper not telling the people about the FREE space right a cross the street level of the Banman Apartment building which he wanted to donate it to the town because of how good the community has been to him!!

    Now this is what the people should know! Not waisting more tax payers $$$$