Doug Ford offers not one word on rural school closings

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford spoke to close to 500 breakfast-goers at Saxonia Hall in Malahide just west of Aylmer, Saturday morning, April 21, but had nothing at all to say about rural school closings, probably the most controversial subject in this area leading into the June 7 provincial election.

When reporters learned from Mr. Ford’s handlers he wouldn’t speak to them before or after the breakfast, they all suggested he at least address local school closures during his half-hour of remarks .

Instead, he repeated statements already made on the campaign trail to date.

He also made a gaffe greeted with good-natured booing by the crowd at the start of the speech–he thought he was in St. Thomas instead of the Aylmer area, then after being corrected by the audience lamented, “It’s the only screw-up I’ve made.”

However, the audience showed their support through applause throughout his speech, which ended with a standing ovation.

Look for more coverage in the April 25 edition of The Aylmer Express.


  • Kathleen Tran

    Children are the future of our Province of Ontario. As a strong supporter of Doug Ford, I suggest digital education for rural areas such as the use of smart-boards, LCD screens, multimedia videos. Second, the creation of a rural research community could help tap into business potential of rural communities in Ontario.

  • Ron Genetello

    Yes it is too bad he left the school closings out but with everything that Wynne has screwed up there isn’t enough time in a day to get it all out there and Doug Ford only had about an hour.

  • Isaac Thiessen

    How refreshing to hear a rising politician determined to correct the misuses of taxpayer monies of the past 16 years. We were encouraged by Mr. Ford’s assurances to fully investigate and hold accountable the various government agencies that have swindled so much of the citizens’ money, incurred massive debts, and created more pocket-lining taxes for themselves and causing financial hardships for Ontario’s people. It was quite evident that supporters from the areas of Aylmer, St. Thomas, London, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and further joined on Saturday morning to listen were in favour of the proposals regarding an improved infrastructure for better health care, education, agriculture, and energy services. It was enlightening to hear that doctors & nurses, principals & teachers, and the people that are practically experienced in various ministries would be in leadership positions for these struggling groups to address the needs of the people and the publics’ best interests. It is about time that those that need it get the deserved tax breaks, such as income-struggling individuals, and businesses to name a few. It is time common sense comes back to Ontario, and with Doug Ford, Ontario will succeed and thrive again.

  • Ron Genetello

    How come it takes so long for moderation?

  • Brian Bohnert

    Why is Doug Ford hiding from the media? If you want to get a feel for the real character of this man check out his reply to the father of an autistic boy when Ford was on Toronto city council. There was lots news coverage. He constantly lied and covered for his brother the “mayor” when the crack scandal was happening.. Doug Ford has no moral authority to criticize any one else. I have supported the Ontario PCs for as long as I can remember, but not with this buffoon at the helm. Just another loud mouthed low life with a pocket full of Daddy’s money.