Erosion causes Lakeshore Line closure

Erosion along Lake Erie is causing the permament closure of Lakeshore Line in Bayham from Clarke Road to Elgin County Road 55.

Bayham councillors came out of a closed door session at the end of their Thursday, April 19 meeting and passed a resolution to close the section of Lakeshore Line with access remaining for local residents and emergency services.

The motion also directed staff to temporarily close Clarke Road from Lakeshore Line to Glen Erie Line and to reconstruct it as a gravel road, paying for the project from a reserve.

A public meeting will be held before the regular Thursday, May 17 Bayham council meeting in the basement of Straffordville Community Centre starting at 6 p.m. to “present an overview of the municipal assessment of Lakeshore Line and proposed process going forward to provide abutting property owners of the subject portion of Lakeshore Line with private access to public roads through conveyance.”

Read the full story in the Wednesday, April 25 print edition of The Aylmer Express.