Hueston trial adjourned until Aug. 15

The trial of Aylmer Express publisher John Hueston and his son and editor Brett Hueston was adjourned until Wednesday, Aug. 15 after the defence received new disclosure information from the Crown attorney’s office on Wednesday, June 27, the morning of when the trial was originally supposed to be held.

Additional new disclosure information was to be delivered to the defence later that day.

John and Brett Hueston were charged with criminal obstruction of a peace officer on June 24, 2017 at a scene of an Elgin County Ontario Provincial Police investigation of a car driving off a cliff at the south end of Springfield Road above Lake Erie east of Port Bruce the afternoon before.

Both are also charged under the Provincial Offences Act with trespassing, and Brett Hueston is charged with driving on a closed road.

“We are disappointed and frustrated that the trial could not happen today, after a year of waiting, and we have to wait almost two more months for closure,” Brett Hueston said. “This has been the strangest journey, and difficult on us, our families and our business. We didn’t do anything wrong and were only doing our jobs as journalists.”

  • I was at court, and am not surprised this would happen. Their tactics using new disclosure information, the day of the trial…. seriously. Their motto was To Serve and Protect. But they seen to have to protect themselves first. I hope you do get your day in court. I would like answers to this dilemma.

  • Kathy B

    Gord Cudmore is the best!! He will get things straightened around.

  • Bill

    Best of luck beating the ridiculous charge. Sorry it was not resolved today.

  • Janet Row

    I have waited months to get disclosure of a past crime against me to get yet another restraining order. OPP hasn’t responded to fax from agencies or phone calls. Policing is getting call mental health calls to get funding but those with ongoing concerns for documented and tried matters get no response.

    It’s a broken system in collecting funds owed, in education follow through, in seniors care and in justice from small claims to safety.

    You only find out how broken when you get pushed into it

    It’s also not a province wide equal services either.

    It’s said when seniors who lived in Elgin 90 plus years have to go other regions to get care, and it’s sad that people who know about issues or wrong doing get silenced

  • Rob Simpson

    Freelancer Dave Ritchie was arrested and charged at the scene of a collision last year.

    134 (1) Highway closing
    (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), a police officer may close a highway or any part thereof to vehicles by posting or causing to be posted signs to that effect, or placing or causing to be placed traffic control devices as prescribed in the regulations. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 134 (2).
    Driving on closed highway prohibited
    (3) Where signs or traffic control devices have been posted or placed under subsection (2), no person shall drive or operate a vehicle on the closed highway or part thereof in intentional disobedience of the signs or traffic control devices. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 134 (3)..

    Good luck with the case

  • Terry Ross (Tillsonburg)

    We have been hearing about this nonsense for a while now. The public needs to be made more aware of this situation. Blocking the press from engaging, short of gun fire, is not acceptable.
    Two words “Press Drones”. I think drone regulations should give special licences to the press to fly further and higher than anyone else. A “Press” app to fire gps coordinants too would put the press there ahead of the police 999 times out of 1000; and that would usually be a good thing. The press needs to coordinate on this though. Could see air traffic issues if everyone does there own thing. Current drone licencing probably works but I’d like to see a “Press Drone” status for this technology. (For the media)

  • fulton johnson

    Only thing Brett is guilty of … Having awesome lamb chops !