Healing Hearts and Minds in Kinsmen Park

HealingHeartsJoanne Crockett of London’s Meadowlily Farm and her buddy Eddie the Chihuahua, 12, were hanging out in their bee-related fun garb at their booth and also bee-themed camper van at the second annual Healing Hearts and Minds mental health festival held in Kinsmen Park in Aylmer on Saturday, July 7. Meadowlily Farm, which produces all-natural raw non-pasteurized wild flower honey, beeswax, beeswax candles and maple syrup, was one of 15 vendors at the event organized by Aylmer resident Danielle Webber. The festival also had children’s activities including a petting zoo, a bouncy castle and games that used both their minds and bodies. Other attractions in the park that day included a barbecue, yoga and live music. (AE/Craig Bradford)